Some of the books I've written, and mention of TV appearances.

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CASA Marketing: Intro to Social Media Marketing (2015)

Adapted from the series of books I wrote for courses I'm teaching at Benedictine University, based on the "CASA" approach - Content, Adwords, Social, Analytics. See

Drupal 7 Primer (2011)

Introduces beginners to making Web sites with Drupal.

Learning Wordpress (2011)

Introduces beginners to making blogs with Wordpress.

Social Networking Spaces (2010)

First book for beginners to cover multiple social networks.

“The social media group at Grace Institute is having a ball using your book. The group comprises women who are updating their skills to re-enter the workplace, and we're all struggling to master the new (to us anyway) electronic communications environment. You explain the why and how in a way that we can understand and implement. I'm recommending your book to all my friends and colleagues.”

Teach Yourself iMovie and iDVD in 24 Hours (2003)

Flash MX Design for TV and Video (2002)

- first book on using Flash to generate broadcast quality video. Came up with concept for book, co-wrote with Janet Galore, who did some pioneering work in using Flash for television and film.

DVD Studio Pro Bible (2001)

- first book on a DVD authoring application. Came up with concept for book, worked with colleague Chad Fahs to write. Used by Columbia College.

Independent/Under Development

Facebook Advertising Primer

Google Adwords Primer

TV Appearances

I appeared on TechTV several times, to discuss topics such as DVD authoring, a video production technique called Blue Screen, and Flash. TechTV was kind of like MTV meets tech, and later became G4, a Comcast channel focusing exclusively on videogaming. Generally things went ok -- though I had the surprise of a studio tech forgetting to plug in a DVD player during set changeovers, resulting in a faux pas in front of a live international audience -- har har. But the host Leo La Porte was a smooth operator, and it worked out ok.