Gerbil Liberation Front

Gerbil Liberation Front is a project I developed with friends, as a kind of joke on the music industry, after I had been in a "conventional" band. GLF ended up getting more enduring exposure than any other project I've been involved with. The biggest surprise was that kids really liked it. Below are the original videos that ran on tv, including links for music and t-shirts.

Binky: lead guitar, vocals

Boojy: drums

Nergil: rhythm guitar

Sparky: bass

The Music: available to listen/purchase on iTunes and CD Baby

    • she's my gerbil - wacky. imagine gerbils playing heavy metal hip hop
    • chew (kids like this song)
    • sunflowerseeds - hyper surf rock ballad
    • water bottle - a very angry gerbil whose water bottle was not refilled
    • exercise wheel - ode to the ever important implement



And just for fun, hamsters appear to enjoy burritos as much as Gerbils like sunflower seeds . . .