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Concept album

Part I: industrial metal with some Celtic themes; the project was created as an exploration of Irish history

rainbow's end

children of belfast

druids dance

goodbye freedom



poor man

Interlude: a dramatic reading of a poem that blew my mind, "The Famine Years" - by Oscar Wilde's mother. (licensed from an audiobook)

Part II: Poetry, led off by Dr. Rolland Hein reading some Yeats, followed by a few poems I wrote, read by an Irish acquaintance, a friend Mary, and then one by me. And then finally a bonus track called Captain McClatchey about a passionate literature professor I had.

(yeats poetry read by dr. hein)

september 1913

wild swans at coole

easter 1916

(tk poetry)

grave expressions - read by damien

loss of the victor - read by mary carrington

in the deep - read by tk

Fun Fact: Joey Jordison and some of the other lads from Slipknot really liked Neocelt. (I was in a band that played with Slipknot, Outkast and some others.