Flute Loop: rock/flute/hip hop (ex: Cheshire/Caterpillar) is now on soundcloud:

Some music I've done


Neocelt: Irish history, industrial metal, rock, poetry

GLF: A very silly music project that made a lot of people giggle around the country


Access any of these songs here

These Songs of Freedom - a song I wrote, inspired by the courage of the people who participated in the Arab Spring. I read about what was going on, people aspiring to freedom in the face of repressive regimes, and I wondered, what can I do? So I wrote a song, made a Facebook page, and some Egyptians and others seemed to be encouraged.

The song title in Arabic:

Caterpillar King - a protest song I'd like to play at the 100th anniversary of Woodstock, in 2069.

Amish Girl - a silly slow groove, needs a bit of remixing; recorded it on an iPhone using Garageband; used some loops, and recorded vocals and flute through the iphone headset mic. Wacky. To listen, scroll to the bottom of this page and click "download", then double click on it to hear. Best through a stereo or earphones - on PC speakers, maybe turn low for the beginning and then up.

Two flute instrumentals:

Caterpillar (the one from Alice in Wonderland) - nice layered melodic flute - it starts out with a bagpipe sound, hip hop.

Cheshire (also Alice in Wonderland) - strings by Jim Cooper - this is actually a beautiful tune

What's with me and the caterpillars? Alice in Wonderland I guess.


Dutchman - about legendary Huey Pilot - some nice rhythmic flute (me on flute too).